• Image of Mess of a Dreamer: a Taylor Swift fanzine -- issue #1

I have a lot of feelings. Taylor Swift has a lot of feelings. We make a good pair.

I never felt called to make a proper *fan*zine before but then I fell hard for Taylor and needed to put all my intense thoughts/feelings about Taylor Swift into something tangible.

What's the zine made of? Feminism, music as resiliency strategy, intense longing... and a whole lot of Taylor Swift feelings.

Oh, and this zine isn't just for Swifites; try it out today!

* 94 pages
* quarter size
* text heavy
* cut & paste
* effusive magic filled

PLEASE NOTE: UNOFFICIAL Taylor Swift zine. This is *entirely fan made.* It does not pretend to be any official Taylor Swift merchandise. it's just pure Taylor Swift fan love and commentary. This falls under FAIR USE law.